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  • Bridal Bouquet Charm in Memory of Grandparent On Your Wedding Day My Granddaughter Something Blue Bead 1 Frame Antique Silver Pendant White Glass Remembrance of Grandma or Grandpa DIY Template

    "Are you ready" her dad asks and he reaches out his hand. She tak...

    • ABOUT THE PHOTO: The size of the photo is .66 x .55″. You will find detailed instructions in the box. This includes a template, a link to video instructions and an online template for cropping and editing your image. There is NOT a cover for the photo; we provide tips for paper type and sealing.
    • THE PROCESS: The artisans’ process begins exclusively with Lisa designing the expressive handwritten-fashion pendant quote. Our artisans create and wrap each item by hand. The pendant has a vintage-style background, overlaid and sealed with a glass bezel. It is embellished with elegant metal frames.
    • READY TO GIVE AS A Gift: If you’ve entrusted us with a gift we are delighted to help you make a moment into a memory. Each piece is affectionately boxed so you can enthusiastically give a gift that looks beautiful without any additional time or expense. The pendant packaging is comprised of a custom organza bag, a unique heartfelt message card, tucked into a classy dark chocolate-colored box closed with a gold bow.
    • MESSAGE CARD: Every perfect gift needs thoughtful words to accompany it. We’ve packaged every bouquet charms with a meaningful message card. If the bouquet charm is for your own wedding, we hope the card and the jewelry brings comfort and makes the bittersweet a little bit easier.
    • MAY CAUSE TEARS: Giving this as a gift? Consider gifting it before the wedding so as not to contribute to extra emotions before walking down the aisle. *Note that the frame does NOT come with a cover for the photo. We recommend covering your photo with clear tape for added protection.

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